ANZCA ASM Perth: 29 April - 3 May 2022



ANZCA is committed to minimising the health impact of climate change and promoting environmental sustainability, and has taken measures to reduce its environmental impact. Learn more about ANZCA’s sustainability initiatives here.

Here are some of the ways we are doing this at the #ASM22PER
•  Bring your own keep cup and water bottle to Perth! Washing stations will be available, making it easier for delegates to use these whilst onsite
•  Did you know for the 2019 ASM in Kuala Lumpur, not one single use plastic water bottle was served as part of delegate catering or speaker refreshments and we’re commitment to ensuring this is the case for future ASMs. Your support of this was well noted and we need your help to ensure this is upheld.
•  As part of the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability we have eliminated printed registration brochures, handbooks and pocket programs from Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM).
•  Providing access to the ASM scientific program virtually and promoting the onsite ASM mobile app.
•  In most cases we use digital signage and where possible single use signage has been eliminated. If printed signed is required we ensure it is printed on recycled material and able to be recycled.
•  The ANZCA 2022 lanyards are made from the renewable resource bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly product that will break down over time.
•  The plastic pockets have been treated with EcoPure®, an organic additive designed to enhance the speed of plastic decomposition in landfills.
•  Recycling stations at prominent locations in the venue for lanyards and name badges.

Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint
•  Make sure you recycle your lanyard and name badge!
•  Pack, take and use your own keep cup and water bottle to the 2022 ASM. Filtered water stations will be available throughout the healthcare industry innovation centre and also on all levels outside the main meeting rooms.
•  Choose to offset the carbon emissions of your flights. Most airlines offer this for a small fee.
•  Where possible, reuse hotel linen, as this will help save water.

Here are some ways our venue and suppliers working for better outcomes
•  PCEC are continually bettering their operations, policies and procedures to improve their sustainability measures. To learn more about PCEC’s sustainability policy, please visit their website.
•  We’ve engaged with PerthExpo Hire and have worked with them to identify more sustainable options for the healthcare industry exhibition. Some of initiatives include:
– They re-use all exhibitor booth panels from show to show
– They print all signage on corflute (which is recyclable) and the ink they use to print on the corflute is also recyclable and environmentally friendly
– Hire Furniture is re-used from show to show
– They use energy efficient LED lighting
– In regard to PerthExpo Head Offices they have solar panels on all their buildings.

Other key initiatives you will see at the ASM

Gender equity
•  In support of ANZCA’s ongoing commitment to gender equity, 48.3% of speakers at #ASM22PER are female. This is a fantastic achievement and we are proud to showcase the high calibre female speakers. This has been a key focus for this year’s organising committee.
•  Did you virtually attend ANZCA’s women in STEMM breakfast at #ASM21MEL? Be ready to get involved, make a difference and join the conversation on twitter using #womeninSTEMM at the #ASM22PER

Learn more about ANZCA’s gender equity initiatives here.

Corporate social responsibility
•  In lieu of speaker gifts a donation will be made to Fair Game on behalf of all ASM speakers, presenters, facilitators and chairs. Learn more about Fair Game here.
•  We’re also facilitating delegate donations with the Fair Game fun run and inviting the Fair Game team into the HCI Innovation Centre on Sunday 1 May to host a “shoot for hoops” competition.
•  At #ASM22PER we are encouraging delegates to take a break with a visit from Paws the pressure therapy dogs. Look out for our furry visitors on Monday 2 May!