ANZCA ASM : 5 May - 9 May 2023


ANZCA is committed to minimising the health impact of climate change and promoting environmental sustainability and has taken measures to reduce its environmental impact. Learn more about ANZCA’s sustainability initiatives here.

Be connected reusable scrub caps

How do I get my hands on a #ASM23SYD reusable scrub cap?
Some of our in-person meetings, in the lead up to the ASM will be giving away an #ASM23SYD reusable scrub cap! Keep an eye out for them and make sure you pick one up. 

How can I get my institution onboard with change?
We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the case to your institution to sanction the use of reusable scrub hats so we are developing a tool kit which will be coming your way soon. Updates to follow! 

“The choice of scrub hat has not been demonstrated to have any impact on risk of surgical site infections and we therefore advocate that reusable, freshly laundered and lint free hats are embraced as one way we can reduce the impact of our practice. Please engage with your institutions if reusable scrub hats are currently not sanctioned for use, otherwise get shopping!  

Dr Ann Lee and Dr Jessica Devlin-Hegedus 

What ANZCA is doing to reduce our carbon footprint at the #ASM23SYD
  • – Bring your own keep cup and water bottle to Sydney! Washing stations will be available in the HCI exhibition, making it easier for delegates to use these whilst onsite.

  • – As part of the college’s commitment to environmental sustainability we have eliminated printed registration brochures, handbooks, and pocket programs from Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM).

  • – Providing access to the ASM scientific program virtually and promoting the onsite ASM mobile app and our virtual platform OnAIR.
  • – In most cases we use digital signage and where possible single use signage has been eliminated. If printed signage is required, we ensure it is printed on recycled material and able to be recycled.
  • – The ANZCA 2023 lanyards are made of bamboo which is a renewable resource and eco-friendly product that will break down over time. We will have dedicated recycling stations in key areas at ICC Sydney.

Something we are proud of – did you know for the 2019 ASM in Kuala Lumpur, not one single use plastic water bottle was served as part of delegate catering or speaker refreshments? We are committed to ensuring this is the case for future ASMs. Your support of this is well noted and we need your help to ensure this is upheld. 

What you can do to reduce your carbon footprint at the #ASM23SYD
  • – Make sure you recycle your lanyard! Look at out for the recycling stations

  • – Pack, take and use your own keep cup and water bottle to the 2023 ASM. Filtered water stations and washing stations will be available throughout the healthcare industry innovation centre and on all levels outside the main meeting rooms.

  • – Where possible, reuse hotel linen, as this will help save water.

  • – Choose to offset the carbon emissions of your flights. Most airlines offer this for a small fee.

  • – At time of registration choose to offset your in-person conference experience. The 2023 ASM will be offset to Greenfleet. We are working with ICC Sydney on a pilot program they are developing for carbon calculation and a reporting framework. More information coming soon!  
Here are some of the ways ICC Sydney and our suppliers are working for better outcomes
  • ICC Sydney is part of the first precinct in the world to be awarded the highest accolade of 6 stars under the Green Building of Australia’s Green Star Communities certification.

  • – ICC Sydney are in the process of developing a carbon calculation and reporting framework and we are proud to partner with them on this initiative. More information coming soon!

  • – To learn more about ICC Sydney’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, please visit their website

  • – We’ve engaged with Harry the Hirer, who will build our healthcare industry exhibition and have worked with them to identify more sustainable options for the healthcare industry exhibition. Their approach to events includes the four R’s – Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Reduce! Read more here