Think Big

Make a plan for Friday and don’t miss Innovation Tuesday

Looking for something bigger then yourself? We have you covered! Join the mindfulness movement and learn about making good choices and how to manage your body’s autonomic stress response.

W29A&B: Mindfulness – learning to make good choices – Step into a new way of being that can reduce anxiety, stress, and fear, and allow you to live comfortably in the present.
W30A: Mindfulness – for managing body’s autonomic stress response -The workshop reviews some scientific evidence of mindfulness in stress management and how it can influence mechanisms of autonomic regulation. Learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into busy day to day life.
W32A&B – Key2Me – The learner will start to develop a skillset that allows them to talk with others in a way that suits the listener’s preferred style of communication, have strategies for motivating themselves and colleagues, trainees, and patients according to their individual needs, and be able to identify signs of distress within individuals and develop constructive ways of responding.
W33A: BIG feedback – This workshop provides an opportunity to use a structured approach to providing and accepting authentic feedback to trainees and even colleagues on attitudes, behaviour and professionalism. It is a suggested workshop for heads of department, supervisors of training, and mentors.
W51A: Art and mindfulness workshop – The Art and Medicine workshop is designed for participants to use art as a means of supporting their wellbeing by creating opportunities to reflect and practice mindfulness. This facilitated workshop can also assist participants to develop a deep connection to their work, while reconnecting with themselves, their colleagues, friends and families in a meaningful way.

Calling all Researchers who want to delve deeper into the world of research!

M19A: Researching teamwork in natural settings: key challenges and methodological solutions – Already engaged in the study of teamwork and interested in developing research is this domain, this one is for you! Led by one of our keynote speakers, Professor Lorelei Lingard.
M22A: From conception to completion: life cycle of a research project: Do you consider publishing in the future? Is there still something missing on your CV?
W26A: Scholarly writing 1: the problem/ gap/hook strategy – writing an effective introduction – Participants will learn a powerful method for grabbing the reader’s attention, and clearly expressing the thrust of a research paper, in the opening paragraph.
W26B: Scholarly writing 2: it’s a story, not a study – writing a compelling discussion section – Participants will learn how to distinguish the sections of a paper that report the study and those that tell the story. Common discussion story-lines will be presented as a useful model to follow in crafting the story of a research paper.
W28A: Getting started in research – Would you like to conduct research? This workshop is aimed at people new to multi-centre research who would like advice on how to get started. The session will cover: developing your own research idea; protocol development; funding opportunities; leading current ANZCA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) multi-centre trials at your site; where to get help and ANZCA CTN support and initiatives.

Have you considered these workshops and masterclasses?

W39A&B: Roadside carnage – a car crash simulation: Get on your knees and your fingers dirty. Did you always wonder how pre-hospital rescue and resuscitation works?
W24A&B: Advanced haemodynamic monitoring: Learn from the experts in a state of the art ‘wet lab’. Haemodynamics is hot as the faculty list engaged to facilitate this workshop!
W25A: Working under pressure: critical care under hyperbaric conditions: Interested in critical care considerations of intubated patients in a high pressure environment?
M17A: 25 years of ANZCA history – brush up on online research and writing skills.
M20A: Working outside your comfort zone – are you looking for something bigger then what you are currently engaged in? What to learn how to make this happen?
M21A: Social media and medical practice: “No longer an optional extra” – maintain appropriate professional boundaries and get the best out of social media.
M23A: WebAIRS – how to set up: Quality assurance and safety implications for your future practice.


Last day of the meeting and it continues to push you to THINK BIG! Join Mr Richard Suhr, Global Digital Leader at EY and exGoogle founding member for a Q&A on digital strategy and implementation. CNET Editor Mr Seamus Byrne talks gadgets and gizmos.

Panel discussion from the meetings biggest names – In my opinion, the biggest issue facing anaesthetists in 10 years time will be…

Award presentations of Gilbert Brown Prize Session, ANZCA Trainee Academic Prize, Trainee ePoster Prize and Open ePoster Prize.

Don’t miss the closing address by Professor Ian Frazer AC “Disruptive technologies: the future of affordable healthcare?

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