Virtual ANZCA ASM live from Melbourne: 27 April - 4 May 2021 –

Sponsor and exhibit

We value the long-standing relationships we have in the healthcare industry and there has never been a more important time to re-connect our specialty group.  We are excited to invite you to be a part of the 2021 ANZCA ASM in Melbourne.

For the first time at an ASM the healthcare industry will be represented virtually. You will be able to share content and build connections globally from your own personalised virtual booth and you will notice that the sponsorship categories in 2021 reflect this change with the introduction of a virtual exhibition.

In addition to the listed options, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual sponsorship requests in order to best accommodate your company’s marketing and sponsorship requirements.

Please contact:

Michelle Williams
ANZCA Sponsorship and Partnership Manager
+61 3 9093 4952

Frequently Asked Questions

We acknowledge that the 2021 ASM will be a different experience and have included a list of frequently asked questions for you below.

When will the virtual exhibition be open?

The virtual exhibition will officially be open and advertised within the virtual scientific program from Friday 30 April for the opening evening plenary and over the four days of the meeting (Saturday 1 May, Sunday 2 May, Monday 3 May and Tuesday 4 May). There will be dedicated times within the scientific program to encourage delegates to visit as well as extended 24/7 access for delegates to visit at a time that best suits them.

The virtual exhibition will also be accessible while the online workshops take place leading into the scientific program. This supports maximum sponsor exposure over an extended period of seven days. As a sponsor there is no need to be online during this period as delegates can pre-book one-to-one meetings in advance with sponsors and a lead capture tool will allow for prompt follow up.

How will delegates be encouraged to visit the virtual exhibition?

There will be dedicated times advertised within the scientific program to encourage delegates to visit the virtual exhibition. In addition, the virtual exhibition will be open for 24/7 access so delegates can visit at a time that best suits them.

We will also utilise ANZCA social media channels and push notifications via the meeting platform to encourage delegates to visit and we encourage sponsors to use their social channels to support this same message.

When will the workshops take place and can I provide equipment?

Workshops will take place over an extended period. They will run prior to the scientific meeting from Tuesday 27 April until Friday 30 April as well as Monday 3 May and Tuesday 4 May in the morning.

As workshops will be facilitated virtually there will be a reduced opportunity for equipment to be supplied. For any specific questions relating to workshops it’s encouraged you contact Kate Chappell – Senior Events Officer at

What is an ENGAGE hub and when are they open?

The ENGAGE hub is a space for a virtual delegate of the ASM to attend in person and connect with their local community in a safe environment. These hubs will be designed for delegates to network pre- and post-live plenary sessions, with one stream of the extensive scientific program showcased via a main screen. The hubs will be open Friday evening, Saturday afternoon for scientific program and evening for College Ceremony, and Sunday for the scientific program; exact timings to be confirmed. The central host hub in Melbourne will run Friday through to Tuesday.

Where are the ENGAGE hubs located and how many delegates can attend?

The hubs will be located in Australian and New Zealand locations. Initially they will be open where the largest concentration of fellows are including Melbourne (central host hub), Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland. Capacities for attendance will be dependent on Covid-19 restrictions within each location leading into the ASM.

Are there any sponsorship opportunities within the ENGAGE hub locations?

Sponsors from all tiers including bronze, silver and gold will be acknowledged in all ENGAGE hub locations via the main screen. Gold sponsors will have the added opportunity to access ticketing to attend certain hub locations as part of their sponsorship benefits. The main purpose of the ENGAGE hubs is for the delegate to engage with their peers locally in a safe environment therefore there will be no sponsor trade display offered and no option for sponsors to purchase ticketing to attend. ANZCA may review this as we get closer to the ASM.

What time zone will the ASM be hosted in?

The time zone the meeting will be hosted in will be Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).