ANZCA Virtual ASM : 29 April - 3 May 2022

Virtual delegate

ANZCA has produced a “how to use” the online platform video, to help you navigate the features and get the most out of it. Click the below image to watch the video.


How and when do I gain access to the virtual event portal and mobile application?

Login details to both the OnAIR virtual platform and mobile application, will be sent to you via email (your registered email address) on Wednesday 27 April. Do ensure you check your spam or junk folder in case the login email makes its way in there. If you have any trouble locating the link or your login details, please email the ASM Registration Secretariat at

I have lost my login details, what do I do?

If you have registered for the ASM but have misplaced your login details, please email and we will happily resend these through to you. Be sure to check your spam or junk folders, as they can sometimes end up there!

Logging into the OnAIR virtual platform for the first time

Be sure to watch the video above on how to navigate around the virtual event platform. It is imperative you do however, update your privacy and time zone settings accordingly, so you can virtually interact with others, and to ensure you don’t miss out on sessions in live time.

What browser should I use for the OnAIR virtual platform?

We recommend using Google Chrome. We also recommend that you disable any VPN’s you may be using. If you have any issues, try clearing your cached files or alternatively, try loading the site in a different browser.

What app store should I use for the mobile application?

The mobile application is available to use on both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices. Your login email will give you instructions on how to download to the applicable device.

What device should I used to participate in the conference?

Connect, engage and participate! For all the buzz of the “IRL experience” our virtual meeting platform OnAIR is best accessed on a desktop or laptop.

Mobile app
The mobile app complements the onAIR platform and is perfect for the busy clinician. Therefore, whether you are on the move; in between cases; or walking the dog, you can stream sessions seamlessly wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Signed in and can’t see sessions?

Please use the Live Support hub to ask for assistance (red icon in the top right corner in OnAIR or via the Live Support icon in the mobile app).

How do I get help during the event?

If you are having any technical difficulties or need other assistance during the conference sessions:

  1. 1. If you’re unable to gain access to the virtual event portal, please email
  2. 2. If you have signed in and require assistance, please use the Live Support hub to ask for assistance (red icon in the top right corner in OnAIR or via the Live Support icon in the mobile app).
How do I meet with the virtual exhibitors for 2022 ANZCA ASM?

Our HCI virtual exhibition zone will be open from Saturday 30 April to Tuesday 3 May 2022, during the advertised times listed within the virtual timeline and agenda.

  • – To visit our exhibitors via the OnAIR virtual platform, please click on the visit HCI virtual exhibitor’s button. This is located on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • – To visit our exhibitors via the mobile app, click the exhibitor’s icon from your menu options.

Here you will be able to meet exhibitors and arrange one-on-one video calls, or drop by and look at videos and brochures at your leisure. Do not miss the opportunity to chat with our exhibitors from the healthcare industry!

Where do I find my workshops?

If you have registered for a workshop or small group discussion, (SGD) this will appear within the OnAIR virtual event timeline. If you cannot see your workshop on the timeline please contact the team via the live support feature at the top right of the screen. All of our workshops will be run virtually and for the best experience you should use a laptop or desktop computer. Our workshops will not be recorded.

Using the timeline on the OnAIR virtual platform

Sessions and functions that are happening each day are listed in the timeline, in chronological order. You can click on any of the items in the timeline to view additional information and join the session or function. The OnAIR timeline will display in your browsers time zone. To edit your time zone click ‘My Settings’ located at the top right-hand side of the OnAIR Portal. Please note the 2022 ANZCA ASM program is published in AWST Time.

Workshops, small group discussions, optional activities, and healthcare industry supported webinars will only appear in your timeline if you have registered for them.

How do I steam a session via the mobile app?

Using the Agenda icon, scroll to the appropriate time or date and navigate to the session you are wanting to stream. Click the applicable session, and connect via the join session button, pop in your headphones and listen in!

Sign in permissions via the OnAIR virtual platform

Each time you sign in, you will be asked to give permission for the portal to use your camera and microphone. We recommend allowing both features to maximise your experience, as you will then be able to use the HCI virtual exhibition and Meeting Hub features.

Delegate Privacy

The first time you sign into the OnAIR virtual platform and mobile application you will be asked some privacy questions, as well as being prompted to update your user profile. Please be aware that unless you change these settings, your user profile will be defaulted to limited. What this means is your first name and first letter of your surname will be displayed only to other attendees of the ASM and no personal contact details will be shared. We do encourage you to change these settings and display your full name and upload a profile photo so you can take full advantage of the virtual networking features throughout the ASM.

How do I ask a question to a presenter?

If you are attending a workshop, you will be able to ask questions via the Zoom meeting chat box.

If you are attending a scientific session, you will be able to use the Live Q&A feature, on the right hand side of the OnAIR virtual event platform.

If you are joining via the mobile app, navigate to the Agenda icon and select the session you wish to participate in. If there is a live Q&A component to the session, you will be able to ask by clicking on the Live Q&A box.

Please note not all sessions will have live Q&A.

What is the resource gallery?

The resource gallery contains onDemand content and access to view the ePosters. Click on it and check it out. Presentations from the scientific program will be uploaded here for post event viewing.

How do I connect with other attendees at the event?

Connect at any time with any attendees or exhibitors by visiting the Meeting Hub and request a connection. Once connected you can exchange details via text or arrange a one-on-Connect at any time with any attendees or exhibitors by visiting the Meeting Hub via the OnAIR virtual platform.

If you are on the mobile app, you can find other attendees via the Attendees icon.

Similar to other social media platforms, you will need to request a connection with the other attendee. Once connected you can exchange details via text or arrange a one-on-one meeting.

How do I export my notes and contacts from the event?

Any notes you take using the My Session Notes feature on the virtual event portal or mobile application, can be exported at the end of the conference. Simply click on the export button when ready to collate your notes and email them to your registered email address.

How long will recorded content be available for viewing post the ASM?

Registered delegates can catch up on 80+ hours of scientific program content to watch OnDemand. This content will be available for up to 12 months post ASM on the virtual OnAIR platform.

OnAir and mobile app features

Using the HCI Virtual Exhibition

During the event, there is a number of opportunities for you to view the Virtual Exhibition and meet with our exhibitors from the healthcare industry. The Virtual Exhibition will be open from Tuesday 30 April until Tuesday 4 May 2022.

We encourage you to view the virtual timeline and agenda where we have advertised the many opportunities for you to meet with our exhibitors and have one-to-one video calls and chats with them. Our exhibitors from the healthcare industry are excited to meet with you! When requesting a meeting with an exhibitor your camera and microphone will be enabled.

Leaderboard and prizes

Click on the leader board trophy on the top right-hand side of the virtual event portal, or via the trophy icon in the mobile app, to find out how you can complete goals and win a prize at 2022 ANZCA ASM!

Have you visited the HCI virtual exhibition and arranged a one-to-one video call with our exhibitors from the healthcare industry? This is just one of the goals where you can win points during the ASM.

Any points you earn via the leader board will be valid for the entire ASM. Don’t forget to watch out for our leader board trivia questions where further points can be earned! A prize will be awarded for the top three highest point earners and announced on the last day of the ASM.

Using live Q&A

Some sessions will run a Live Q&A so you can ask questions to the speakers. Use the Live Q&A tab within the session to ‘up-vote’ questions you like the sound of, and don’t be afraid to ask your own questions!

Using the Event Stream

Post comments and pictures throughout your virtual ASM journey! Share with others your thoughts on sessions and speakers, like or comment on other attendees posts and join in on the virtual conversation.