ANZCA Virtual ASM : 29 April - 3 May 2022

Host a Watch Party

Planning on getting together with friends and watching the ASM? We’ve created a Watch Party Pack to add a little zest to your meeting. We’re disappointed we can’t all gather together in Perth so we’ve included some Perth inspired activities to feed your wanderlust.

Need something to distract the kids while you’re watching a session? We’ve created a special Kids Pack to keep them busy – think colouring in and some Quokka related fun (and hey, there’s no reason adults can’t get involved with these too!).

Here’s (almost) everything you need for the ultimate ASM 2022 Watch Party experience. All you need to do now is: pick a place and time for your party; pull together a posse; and print off what you need below. Take a look at our Watch Party FAQs for suggestions below.

Step 1: Get your tech set up

Step 2: Get creative

The Virtual Delegate experience is here!

Click the icons below to download a party games pack; a cupcake recipe; a specially selected Perth-inspired Spotify playlist; Twitter and Instagram stickers; and a Kids Pack with a quokka colouring in sheet and a quokka headpiece.

Step 3: Get the party started!

OK, you’re ready to get your Watch Party ON! Don’t forget to feed the FOMO monster and share your celebrations on social media with the hashtag #ASM22PER. We’ve even created some awesome ASM-inspired Instagram stickers and Twitter GIFs you can use (see instructions below). There are also several aesthetic desktop and mobile wallpapers that have been designed for you to use during the ASM!


How to use Instagram stickers

Search “ANZCA” or “ASM22PER” on Instagram when you upload to your Story and tag us @anzca1992 and #ASM22PER.

How to use Twitter GIFs

Add our custom ASM GIFs to your tweets. Search “ANZCA” in the GIF tab on Twitter. And don’t forget to tag us @ANZCA and #ASM22PER.

Incorporating an Acknowledgement of Country or a mihi

We would encourage all of you to incorporate an Acknowledgement of Country or a mihi into your ASM Watch Party. If you’re not sure what these are, or why we’re suggesting them, take a look at this guide to recognising the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land in Australia and ngā iwi Māori as the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa New Zealand.

To find out which Aboriginal land you’re gathering on (Australia) or to watch a short video guide to pronouncing the mihi (Aotearoa New Zealand), click the map icons below.

Watch Party FAQs

Our ASMs are about coming together as one. To share our ideas and experiences. To spend time with our friends and make new ones along the way. To showcase our cities. And to celebrate in style.

Be a part of the ASM! All you need to do is find a few fellow delegates; somewhere with a smart TV; and ideally, access to a printer. Then download our Watch Party Planner Pack and you’re good to go!

What's a watch party?

Some experiences are exponentially more enjoyable when we share them. Footy matches and firework displays, for example; or watching Eurovision…
In fact, we’ve been throwing watch parties of one kind or another since the dawn of time. We just didn’t have a word for it until 2018!

Watch parties are about getting together with like-minded people to share an experience. They give us the opportunity to express out opinions and exchange our ideas. They energise and inspire us. They make us feel connected and engaged. And they’re also an excellent excuse for a party!

The ANZCA ASM is one almighty watch party when you think about it. Admittedly, it’s not nearly as easy to orchestrate this year. But if the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Or at least a workaround.

I'm interested. So...what's involved?

Hosting an ASM Watch Party is one of the simplest ways to simulate the shared experiences our ASMs are famous for. We’ve done the party planning. So all you really need to do is:

1. Find fellow delegates from your hospital or local area.
2. Pick a time and date to get together.
3. Select a suitable place to host your party.
4. And follow our step-by-step guide to planning your party.
5. Make sure to register!

If you’re tuning in from home and looking for something to keep the kids occupied we have included some great activities so you can watch in peace!

Would I make a good Watch Party host?

Thanks to our wonderful Watch Party Pack, pretty much anyone with a smart TV and space for socialising could put on primo party if they wanted to. Just remember to register for the ASM first so you’ve got something to watch!

Next steps

– Watch parties can be a great team bonding activity in terms of learning together as a team. And socialising too.
– Alternatively, you could ask your locally-based anaesthesia and pain medicine colleagues if they’d be interested in doing something and take it from there.
– And if you’re on Twitter or Insta…ask for ideas. And share your own #ASM22PER

When should I hold it?

You’re welcome to hold a Watch Party at any point in the program. Or even come together after the ASM’s over, to watch selected content onDemand. But for the best experience, we’d recommend watching the live-streamed plenary sessions. Here are our top three picks:

#1 Opening plenary

Saturday’s opening plenary would make perfect party viewing. Join us from 8.30am AWST / 10.30am AEST for the official opening addresses from ANZCA President Dr Vanessa Beavis and FPM Dean A/Prof Mick Vagg, followed by our first three visiting speakers.

#2 ‘Walking the line: Tales from the OR’ plenary session

Tales from the OR: A confronting live actor session showcasing questionable behaviour in the operating room, with an experienced panel exchanging ideas on how to navigate different types of adversity in the modern world.

#3 Closing plenary

If you’re not all watch-partied out by Tuesday arvo, the closing plenary would make another great option. It will include talks on ANZCA’s role in advancing reconciliation on both sides of the Tasman, and the President handover.


You can also “Get Social”

This year we have incorporated some great social activities that you can either join solo or in a group. Why not join the virtual cheese and wine tasting or cooking class and make an evening of it. Catch up with colleagues and enjoy a delicious treat, the best of both worlds! Or if getting active is more your thing, we have morning yoga to get those endorphins pumping before an amazing day of content. Book now so you don’t miss out!


Where should I hold it?

You only need three things (aside from an ASM registration, of course) to host a successful ASM Watch Party:

– Sufficient space and seating.
– Access to a smart TV or screen.
– Somewhere to serve food and drinks.

Next steps

If you can’t host it in someone’s home, why not see what’s available in your workplace or explore venue hire options in your area?