Welcome from the convenor and ROC

In 2020, we are delighted to welcome you to picturesque city of Perth! Known for its laid back lifestyle, pristine beaches, modern cultural offerings and extensive culinary delights, Perth is a truly unique city with something on offer for everyone.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Convenor and Iron Maiden fan

Dr Ed Debenham

Deputy Convenor and keen snowboarder

Dr Annie Carlton

Scientific Co-convenor and surfing enthusiast

Dr Matt Rucklidge

Scientific co-convenor and triathlete

Clinical Professor Nolan McDonnell

Workshop Co-convenor and strong advocate for anaesthetists' welfare

Dr Ann Ngui

Workshop Co-convenor and dedicated to positively impacting others' lives

Dr Anisa Abu Baker

ELC Co-convenor and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu artist

Dr Charlie Ho

ELC Co-convenor and cricket tragic

Dr Nirooshan Rooban

SGD Convenor and amateur podcaster

Dr Roger Browning

HCI Liaison Convenor and bike enthusiast

Dr Neil Hauser

Social Convenor and avid traveller

Dr Jenny Liddell

Trainee Representative and keen runner

Dr Maya Calvert

FPM ASM Scientific Convenor and talented circus performer

Dr Alison Kearsley

FPM Deputy ASM Scientific Convenor and amateur karaoke singer

Dr Brian Lee

FPM workshop convenor and tennis enthusiast

Dr Chui Chong